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One of our previous blogs discussed the problems you may encounter when buying and selling your homes on the same day.  We strongly advise that your purchase your new home before you sell. This presents the obvious problem of where do you get the money to purchase from?  The answer is Bridge Financing. A bridge […]

It is possible and completely common to buy and sell a home on the same day.  Here is why we don’t recommend it….. When buying and selling property on the same day, there are multiple issues that arise.  When you buy and sell on the same day, your transactions become a part of a chain […]

So often people rush to seeing a lawyer, because they are afraid of what could happen.  Sometimes, rushing to a lawyer is the best idea, but that is rare!  Please disregard this post if you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse of any kind, including but not limited to physical, emotional and or […]